Boarding kennel

Pets brought in must be healthy, properly vaccinated and wormed. This cannot be controlled with strays so we keep them apart from other animals. The times that animals are brought in and picked up will be agreed. The feeding will be done as the animal is used to.


25/ €/day
35 €/day/two dogs in same pen

Our kennel has seven places for different sized dogs. Each pen has an indoor and outdoor part and during summer dogs can freely move in and out. In winter dogs are let out several times a day. The dogs in care for a longer time will also be taken for walks if they are social.

When you bring your dog in also bring the dogs food and familiar bedding. We also recommend bringing familiar toys and chewing bones to pass the time. We provide food and water bowls and extra beddings if needed. Price includes raw gristle bones and boiled minced meat and rice stew as an addition to food.


15 €/day
20 €/day/two cats in same cage

We have eight places for cats. Each cage is sized 130 cm x 90 cm x 100 cm. Cats do not usually like neighbours, so we keep them apart from each other. Maximum stay for cats is two weeks because they can not exercise outside the cage.

Cats must have their food and carrier with bedding when brought in. The carrier will serve as sleeping place and hide away if the cat wants to be left alone. Cat litter and box is included in price.


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